Frequently Asked Questions

You can book a storage unit at City Storage, by calling us online or in-person in the office during office hours.

At City Storage, we follow a month-on-month lease policy, with one month being the minimum lease period. Generally, we do not increase our pricing, unless mentioned as a special move in price.

Rent is generally calculated from the day you move-in your goods and till the end of the month. In the following months, we collect rent from the first of every month unless it’s for a month’s lease.
*Please note we do not pro-rate when you move out.

All our units are on the ground floor and easily accessible. You can drive up to the units to unload or upload your items. 

Generally, We do not provide tenant insurance but highly recommend that you get your own insurance.

The notice periods for different locations vary. Hence, we request you to contact the office manager. Also, when a notice is given the payment for the following month is due on the same day.

Payment can be done as a recurring automatic charge using Credit Card. Payments can also be done using  Extrasfers. At City Storage, we use a very safe and secure Uhaul software.

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