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City Storage is a well-known storage facility in Calgary and its neighborhoods when it comes to RV parking and storage i Airdrie. During the off-season, you need a safe and secure place to park your recreation vehicles like trailers, motorhomes, boats, snowmobiles, etc. When you are taking away your RV on your vacation, you can leave your car parked safely and secured in your parking lot.

 This well-fenced facility in Airdrie has RV parking lots of various sizes that can be rented on a month-on-month basis. During winter, the driveway will be plowed in case of heavy snowfall. Our convenient location in Airdrie  makes it the ideal place to park your vehicles when not in use and access them whenever required from any part of the city. Parking lots are accessible during the Gate hours.

Parking Lot Size & Rent

***NOTE  All parking lot sizes are starting from $55/month

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203 East Lake Road NE, Airdire,T4A 2E9

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Special Note:
  • Change late fees collection to 10th of the month from 7th.
  • We give 5 digit code rather than 4 digits.
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